Debris and ruined buildings at Carlyon Bay


 Carlyon Bay before 2004

 Carlyon Bay before the destruction began in 2004 - it's now littered with debris and unwelcoming fencing

These three beaches which make up Carlyon Bay are earmarked to be buried under concrete by a developer who wants to build more than 500 apartments and houses, as well as retail space and a hotel. 

Planning permission was granted in 2011 but they have no immediate plans to begin the work.  Meanwhile they have ruined these beaches by destroying the natural habitat which grew up over more than a century and which was enjoyed by generations of local people and visitors.

Carlyon Bay Watch exists to raise awareness of the destruction of St Austell's once family-friendly beach, to highlight the threat to public access and to campaign for any development to be safe, in scale and sympathetic to the coastal landscape of south Cornwall.


 Iron pilings in front of sales hut

Councillors order the removal of the iron shuttering

The remaining sea defences in front of the information/sales hut on Crinnis Beach must be removed, says Cornwall Council.

Councillors voted unanimously to take out an Enforcement Notice against developers CEG ordering them to remove the iron shuttering - erected without planning permission in 2004.

(Details on Latest News page)

These beaches have been privately owned since forming part of the Carlyon Estate.  Only one was built on with sports facilities - later this became an entertainment venue - the Cornwall Coliseum.

Since being bought by CEG in 2004, the Coliseum has been partly demolished and left to rot.  Woodlands on the other two beaches which were popular walking and picnic areas were dug up.

CEG says they won't start building until at least 2016.

So now we're left with the resulting debris as well as the remains of the unauthorised "temporary" sea defences.

We're trying to put pressure on CEG to clear up the mess they've made so that people can at least enjoy the beaches until building starts.

Please help us do that by signing our petition.


Keep out sign and derelict Coliseum

It's hard to believe a Public Right of Way runs past the old Cornwall Coliseum -  CEG shows its attitude to the public

The developers have once again shown their contempt for local opinion by challenging the existence of a Public Right of Way giving public access to the beach.

The issue is now due to go before a Publc Inquiry in June 2014 after Cornwall Council confirmed a PROW to the shoreline in January 2013.

If there is no right in law for the public to walk down to the beach then it will only be with the developers' permission - which they can withdraw at any time for any reason.

As it happens the February storm gave them that excuse - with the beach closed beyond the Right of Way for "safety reasons"
(see photos of the storm) .

For all their claims to welcome the public, they have fought every step of the way against moves to guarantee it.

Residents and visitors have enjoyed public access for decades but the developers' actions will probably mean the issue will go to a public inquiry.  

More details on our Public Access page


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