Carlyon Bay


 Carlyon Bay before 2004

 Carlyon Bay in its heyday before destruction began in 2004

The three beaches which make up Carlyon Bay are earmarked to be buried under concrete by  Commercial Estates Group - a developer who wants to build more than 500 apartments and houses, as well as retail space and a hotel. 

A natural habitat which grew up over more than a century and which was a popular walking and picnic area was bulldozed.  It was then covered in fencing, giant boulders and metal shuttering as part of sea defences - only to be removed years later because there was no planning permission.

Carlyon Bay Watch came into existence to raise awareness of the destruction of St Austell's once family-friendly beach, to highlight the threat to public access and to campaign for any development to be safe, in scale and sympathetic to the coastal landscape of south Cornwall.

Carlyon Bay Watch has consistently argued for an appropriate use to be found for the old Cornwall Coliseum site on Crinnis, the only part of the beaches previously developed.

But building over 500 dwellings, extending over Shorthorn as well, is not appropriate.  The developers say they have altered their plans but they have not reduced the size of this massive project which will double the number of dwellings in the Carlyon Bay area.

Planning permission was granted in 2011 but so far not one brick has been laid - although they now say they plan to start preliminary works in the autumn of 2015. 

When building gets underway there will be massive disruption to the local community and we aim to keep lobbying for their interests to be taken into consideration.


 Site clearance May 2015

 May 2015 - the Cornwall Coliseum has gone and the site's being cleared

The Cornwall Coliseum is no more - the familiar building which grew out of a sports club built on Crinnis beach in the 1930s, was demolished in the spring of 2015.

Work began on 15th April - watched by local radio and TV reporters as well as a large crowd of local people and visitors. 

(Our End of the Coliseum page has more pictures)

The work was welcomed by all those who have long been calling for the destruction CEG has caused on the beaches to be cleaned up.

On 12th February, Cornwall councillors on the Strategic Planning Committee approved CEG's latest planning application relating to the buildings and landscaping of the development.

The beaches (once part of the Carlyon Estate) were bought by CEG in 2004.

Only Crinnis was built on - the original sports facilities later became the Cornwall Coliseum.

CEG removed the roof from the Coliseum and left it to rot. 

Have a look at a spoof blog with a tongue-in-cheek view of the future of the beaches


 Crinnis Beach July 2015

 July 2015 - the beach has been cleaned up and levelled

If only they had done this 10 years ago.

After years of wrangling over the various stages of planning permission, the state of the buildings on Crinnis Beach got worse and worse.

The Cornwall Coliseum and satellite buildings were left to rot and the beach was strewn with rubble and rusting fencing.

Finally, after pressure from the public, local councillors and Carlyon Bay Watch, developers CEG did something about it.

In the spring of 2015 the buildings were demolished and by the start of the summer holidays, families could enjoy a Cornish beach again.

Pop-up cafes and various entertainments are being laid on during the summer months.

CBW welcomes the return of the beach to family enjoyment.

We also understand that the sales hut will be moved back to the rear of the beach and the remaining rusting metal shuttering will be removed (it's the subject of an Enforcement Notice from Cornwall Council).

By autumn 2016, however, it might be a different picture.  CEG says it will start building.

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